TrustYou, the world’s largest guest feedback platform, is on a mission to improve the travel experience, from finding the right hotel to having the perfect stay. The company works with hotels, destinations, and travel websites to make that happen. TrustYou analyzes hundreds of millions of travel reviews scattered across a vast, fragmented market and transforms this content into actionable insights and data visualizations for 500,000 hotels. This enables travel sites to improve the trip planning process and hotels to offer the best experience to their guests.

The Products

TrustYou’s products are used by suppliers – hotels, accommodations, restaurants – for an array of reputation management purposes and by intermediaries – OTAs, meta-search, destination marketers – to help travelers purchase wisely. We enable hotels and destinations to provide travelers with better services and enhanced offerings by monitoring, surveying and acting on trusted feedback of their guests, and we help intermediaries to improve travelers’ search-shop-buy experiences by providing structured data like Meta-Reviews.

The Company

TrustYou was founded in 2008 by Benjamin Jost and Jakob Riegger, both of whom were tired of trying to find the perfect hotel while traveling on business trips. The two knew that there must be a better and more efficient way to understand hotel reviews. As they began building TrustYou’s SaaS platform, they quickly found that hotels were also interested in this information, and TrustYou Analytics was born. The company has now grown to more than 120 employees from 25 different countries, and the product offerings have expanded as well!

The Culture

Our team comes from many different backgrounds and cultures. We’ve joined TrustYou for a variety of reasons: we have hospitality in our blood, we love big data, we believe in the power of social media, we are tech geeks, and we love to travel. Most of all, we’ve come to TrustYou because we believe that by transforming data into intelligence, we can truly improve travelers’ experiences. We’re innovative and we value open communication, self-organization and excellent results. Want to know more? Read our culture book.